Eastbourne Medical Training Services (EMTS) was founded by its CEO, John Phillips, in January 2010.

John also registered Emergency Medical Training Services (UK) to gain recognition across the UK.

John also founded NHLS and at midday on the 5th July 2016, John launched National Health Life Support in support and protection of the UK’s NHS services.

A trained and practising medic and medical instructor himself for many years, John lives in Eastbourne and has done so for over 25 years.

Realising that training courses in First Aid at Work and other accredited and non-accredited, yet essential training courses in the work place, are truly very expensive, John worked out a pricing formula which allows EMTS to deliver training courses at reasonable costs yet he and his teams do not compromise the quality of the service due to the lower fees.

Realising also that our NHS is in a critical condition, John founded and launched NHLS… www.nhls.org.ok … Here he supports and protects the free health care system that we enjoy in the UK.

Under threat of privatisation and the risk of closure, campaign groups have not been able to stop the above from happening. Closure of hospitals and privatisation of its services and departments is seeing the end of a free health care system here in the UK. John’s ‘working plans’ step up from ‘campaign’ to a working solution to reverse and stop the possible closure of our NHS, as seems to be happening.

The future of training, both in the work place and in the community, is changing and EMTS along with NHLS is leading the way to effort the ushering in of change. Something which is needed to protect us all.

Working with the corporate client and with member of the public will see those changes coming into fruition. Good for you, good for me and good for us all.

Phone: 07730 160 698