Mission Statement

With a growing population and with more and more demands being placed upon our National Health Services than ever before, it is important that ‘we all’ have a level of knowledge and skills within First Aid so that we can help to reduce the pressure placed upon our services which will enhance the possibility of its survival well into the future.

Our mission, therefore, is a difficult and challenging one:

Bring to the attention of our public the importance of the preservation of a FREE National Health Service for everyone at the point of use and re-educate the individual in the importance of self-managing the minor incidents whereby in doing so we support our NHS by reducing hospital visits, paramedic call out’s and GP appointment.

To achieve this, we must provide affordable training to all who wish to learn, both in the work place and to members of the public. Affordability however, must not compromise quality.

EMTS and its instructors are determined that quality assurance will remain at its highest regardless of the low fees that are made.

EMTS has entered into its next phase, NHLS (National Health Life Support). www.nhls.org.uk  This new service/brand aligns prices and quality assurance with both the corporate client and the member of the public. So our corporate client may enjoy the same low fees as our public.

This is the new way to do business. A modern and more flexible attitude that is not driven by money but more over driven by need. The need to see more people in the United Kingdom trained in First Aid to help support and to help protect something that we all need… Our FREE NHS services.

Phone: 07730 160 698