Basic Life Support (First Aid)

Basic Life Support (First Aid)

BLS is a term given to describe basic lifesaving knowledge and skills whilst using the most minimum of equipment.

Do not underestimate the term however as there is nothing basic about saving a person’s life. In fact, it is singularly and perhaps, the most important gift that one person could give to another and not just for the injured party but also for their family and friends as the ripple effect caused by the losing of a loved one is potentially vast and lasting.

Simple skills really do save life’s and be it in the work place, home, social environment or within the community, First Aid incidents occur daily.

Having the knowledge and skills will offer to you the confidence to ‘STEP UP’ and help.

With 66% of people’s lives, in the UK, lost due to very simple reasons, the tongue blocking the throat for example and in a situation where there are people around but no one will help because they simply do not know what to do, well, things have to change.

Learning BLS will help reduce the numbers of lives lost to us because it is absolutely correct that:


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