Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Produced for front line staff, conflict management training teaches the employee how best to manage a confrontational situation whilst staying calm under pressure and yet whilst protecting company personnel and assets.

There are two forms of training which work with recognised tried and tested procedures as well as by invoking common sense.

  • De-escalation skills training using communication methods
  • Breakaway skills training using minimum force as recognised under UK Law.

The latter is not usually advised as this involves physical contact but more and more in the work place and in society today we see physical assault upon our staff members.

These courses are particularly useful for front line staff who may possibly come into an aggressive attack upon them. Be it verbal or physical assault.

The training prepares the individual on best practise communication elements during their attempts to de-escalate a situation whilst keeping a reasonable distance from the aggressor and whilst applying company protocols and procedures.

The training also brings awareness of post aggressive trauma and how best to manage one’s personal thoughts and feelings post event.

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