Nursing / Care Home Training

Nursing / Care Home Training

As a particular favourite client of EMTS, the care community client holds a pride of place with us.

Having worked now with the care community, both in house nursing/care facilities and within the area of domiciliary care, for a number of years, EMTS instructors are very versed and understanding of the care world.

EMTS has contracts with the larger client and the individual care facility owner. We also work with employment agencies and representatives who source the employee looking to either develop their career and those who are interested to move into the world of care.

Working with EMTS, the care provider owners and teams, enjoy favourable rates and inclusive flexibility which assists with training budgets and better efforts the turnaround training matrix logistics and statistics.

Working across the UK, even if you are a multi property owner, or you own a single facility EMTS is able to accommodate your training needs and we do so with integrity and respect to your facility guests.

When you view our pricing page please do remember that there is a pricing structure to yourselves which is negotiable.

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